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On July 29th, 2010 I stopped by Center Mass Firearms for the first time ever.  My intention for that visit was to gather photo & video content and learn a bit about the store so I could post a write up about them on  Although the manager who spoke with me that day was very pleasant, the snide comments coming from the owner sitting behind the counter didn’t sit well with me.  Knowing that my review was going to be fairly negative, I was contemplating if I should even post it.  In the meantime, I edited the video and uploaded it to YouTube.  Within a couple of hours the video received several hateful responses about the shop, specifically the poor treatment people received directly from the owner.  This swayed my decision to not promote the shop and I eventually removed the video from YouTube.

I never stepped foot back in the store and I freely shared my experience with those who asked me about CMF.  A couple of years later they contacted me about getting a review posted as well as sponsoring this site.  I declined both and sent a detailed email as to why I wanted nothing to do with them.  Imagine my surprise when they never responded. icon wink CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms

Fast forward to November 1st, 2012…

IMG 0134 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms

Previous sign not allowing open carry or loaded CCW

Rumors started circling about new ownership and management changes at Center Mass so I decided to stop by again and see if they were true.  The first thing I noticed is that the sign telling you that they did not allow open carry or loaded conceal carry had been removed.  As I entered the store, I saw some familiar faces I’ve gotten to know from other shops around town and this time, I was warmly greeted.  The discussion immediately turned to the change in ownership and it continued by acknowledging the past mistakes with emphasis on a commitment to changing the negative reputation the shop had earned over the last 12 years.

Over the next couple of months I continued to stop by and check the progress of the remodel and staff changes.  Eventually I received a call from Mike Heck who invited me to come out and see the final product.

IMG 0016 300x200 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass FirearmsBesides the above mentioned changes in staff, the store itself has been drastically improved and the name has evolved into “CMF Tactical Outfitters”. What was once a somewhat crowded retail space has been changed so that the display cabinets now line the edges of the walls instead of jutting out into the middle of the store.  Fresh paint, better displays, & a comfy lounge area with a large TV make the place feel much more welcoming.  Not to mention the fridge full of complimentary Rock Star.  Will Smith (part of the new management team, not the rapper/actor), describes the store as being modeled after the typical surf/skate shops he visited as a teenager.  A relaxed and comfortable environment where customers can visit with staff and learn from those who build their own custom guns.

IMG 0019 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms IMG 0006 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms IMG 0007 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms
IMG 0011 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms IMG 0013 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms IMG 0002 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms

IMG 0012 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms

IMG 0014 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass FirearmsCenter Mass Firearms has long been “the spot” in the Las Vegas area where most people would go for their HK parts needs.  The majority of the local machine gun ranges use CMF to keep their HK’s running smoothly.  As  a full on HK distributor, CMF Tactical Outfitters has access to more HK products than any other place in town.  Plus, they can get things quicker than anybody else.  Their website is also well ranked in the search engines for Heckler & Koch online sales.

The decision was made to stick with offering higher end merchandise and focusing on quality rather than loading the store with less expensive products.  Some of the brands available here include: LWRC, Noveske, LMT, Geissele, VLTOR, Surefire, Sig Sauer, Troy, & Howard Leight.  At current time, the on-hand stock of all gun stores is depleted but CMF has managed to keep a small flow of higher end “black rifles” in stock.  Some are standard builds direct from the manufactures and others are pretty high end custom builds that the shop put together themselves.

IMG 0008 300x200 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms IMG 0010 300x200 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms

This 4,500 square foot gun shop includes 2,400 SF of retail space and the remaining area is divided up between offices, manufacturing, and their 4 lane indoor shooting range.  The 7 yard handgun only range was constructed by Shooting Ranges International and it can handle up to and including the mighty 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum. Gun rentals are available.

IMG 0062 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms IMG 0001 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms IMG 0004 200x133 CMF Tactical Outfitters A.K.A. Center Mass Firearms

If you’re like me and have avoided this store because of a previous experience, I encourage you to stop by and see the change in attitude for yourself.  This East side sister store of The Range 702 has worked hard to regain your business and in my honest opinion, they’ve accomplished that goal.

Onto the giveaway details!  With the current shortage of ammunition, we thought it would be cool to offer up 500 rounds of 5.56 to a lucky subscriber. This drawing will take place on June 22nd, 2013. Enter by posting a QUALIFYING comment below. There is a reason I always link to the Giveaway Rules so I suggest you review them prior to entering.

2140 S. Boulder Hwy.
Henderson, NV 89002
Phone: (702) 558-7890
Monday – Saturday
10:00am – 6:00pm

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