702shooter.com was originally started by a couple of friends who wanted to build a site, as a spare time hobby, to promote the local Las Vegas area firearms related businesses. We never claimed to be any sort of gun experts, just a couple guys who enjoy recreational shooting and have the ability to help “spread the word” while giving something back to the sport we have enjoyed for so many years. While the majority of the businesses we approach are open to our idea, we have met some resistance along the way. If you don’t find the local gun related business you’re looking for, it’s because we are either not aware of them, their review is in process, or they have declined our offer to share them with you.

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Since it’s launch, in January of 2010, the site has seen many different changes. Only one of the original partners remains and after our way under anticipated success with search engine results, we almost immediately started reaching a global market for our reviews and write-ups. We now have a world wide audience with 70.31% of all traffic resulting from search engine queries.  Our Youtube channel hosts the videos we include in our posts which brings additional attention to the places, products, and services we cover    When potential customers go looking for additional information on the products we review, they are very likely to end up on this site. We link all of our write-ups back to the manufacturer so they benefit from our traffic as well.

Although we do have some paying site supporters, we are not a money making machine. The support from these companies pays for the hosting of the site and things like the gas it takes for us to drive around this valley to cover the different events and businesses. In return, they get top banner placements and our gratitude. Often people come here from a search engine result and find themselves under the impression that we are the company they searched for. To clarify this:


702Shooter is the site owner and the primary contact for reviews, advertising, and technical support. His online marketing background extends beyond the global launch of the World Wide Web and dates back to the days of 300 baud modems. He was a beta tester for the popular Wildcat BBS platform from Mustang Software, Inc. and ran multiple BBS systems featuring the then popular “Legend of the Red Dragon” a.k.a. L.O.R.D. door game. 702Shooter assembled 3 different versions of the game, each with different features similar to how the current “Modern Warfare” type games offer extended maps and such. He discovered that he could cross sell access by advertising the additional 2 games on the BBS running any 1 game. Users started buying monthly subscriptions and/or using 900#’s to access the games on a per minute basis. And so was born his enthusiasm for online eCommerce marketing which then rolled into website creation & consultation.

Around the age of 6, 702Shooter was given his first lever action BB gun and soon after graduated to shooting his Grandfather’s .22 rifle. Over the years he’s shown an interest for guns, archery, and even slingshots. Basically anything he could find a way to shoot something with, including building his own “Spud Gun” when he was a teenager. At 18 years old he bought his first AR-15 rifle and within 9 months, managed to break it. Instead of taking it to a gunsmith, he decided to fix it on his own and has been hooked on the AR platform ever since.

After the creation of 702shooter.com, he has helped a small handful of local and out of state firearms related business with their web development, eCommerce stores, graphics design, and marketing including both online , promotional, and printed materials.

Although not a bad shot, 702 is far from an advanced shooter but he is always more than willing to teach beginners what he knows about shooting and firearms safety. His reviews and write-ups are offered from the “Common Man’s” perspective vs. that of a seasoned gun professional. As such, they are primarily intended for the same kind of crowd.


From time to time we receive press releases from various PR Companies as well as direct from some manufacturers themselves. If we find the information to be of interest to our subscribers then we re-post the emails as press releases on our site. We encourage any and all firearms related public relations companies and manufacturers to contact us about sending their information over for review and placement on this website. We are also very interested in any T&E opportunities that may be available.

The companies listed below have no direct affiliation with 702shooter.com. We appreciate the information, services, and support they provide and feel that they deserve to be mentioned here.

Laura Burgess Marketing

Laura Burgess provides public relations and marketing communications to companies within the law enforcement, tactical, military, shooting sports, home building, boating and recreational fishing markets. With over 17 years of experience in marketing, corporate management, and public relations, Laura Burgess Marketing helps companies to build better brand awareness to the media and their customers through traditional and the new social media methods.

The company offers the following services:

  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Media Analysis, Scheduling & Buying
  • Advertising Strategies
  • Product Introductions
  • Corporate Communications
  • Market Research
  • Editorial Placement
  • Product Placement
  • Newsletters
  • News Wire Service

Leader Enterprises

Megan (Harvey) Holly regularly sends out press releases for a number of announcements for Glock, Inc. The company she works for, Leader Enterprises, is a one stop shop for the following business needs:

  • Event Management and Production
  • Public Relations & Social Networking
  • Retail Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Development and Marketing