Top Shot Casting Season 2

Hello everybody.  We’ve been in contact with a casting associate from the History Channel show “Top Shot” and they have asked that we post the following casting call for their upcoming season.    Think you’ve got what it takes?  Step up and show us whatcha got!

Top Shot Casting Season 2
The History Channel is seeking SKILLED MARKSMEN
for Season Two of its Hit Competition Show

You Could Win $100,000 in PRIZES!!!

If you are skilled with a pistol, rifle or any other frearm, you could be on TV’s hit marksmanship competition show, TOP SHOT. Producers are looking for anyone with mind-blowing shooting skills and a big personality to take on exciting physical challenges with multiple guns and mystery projectile weapons.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a professionally trained shooter or a self-taught average Joe (or Jane!). As long as you’re in good physical shape, have mastered a firearm and can adapt to new weapons and demanding physical situations, you could be America’s next “Top Shot.”

Email with your name, city/state, phone number, a recent photo of yourself, and a brief explanation of why you are America’s next “Top Shot.” Visit and click on “CASTING” for more details. Call if you have additional questions: 818-478-4684.

Deadline to apply is August 12, 2010.

* Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, a resident or citizen of the United States, and reasonably proficient with shooting and marksmanship.

A special thanks to Dave Hawks for putting us in touch with the show.

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