From time to time will be offering free giveaways to our subscribers.  The giveaways are sponsored by different businesses we feature on the site.  Companies wanting to participate in our giveaway promotions should contact us to make arrangements.  All giveaways take place at least 30 days from the date they are announced.  The higher the value of the product/service being given away, the more time we allow for entries.  Check the green text description on the individual giveaway pages for the specific dates.

If you like our giveaways then please use the social network icons at the top of each post to share the articles and promotions with others.  This will help promote this site as well as the products being offered up for grabs.  The more successful the promotions are, the more likely we are to be able to offer them ongoing.

To be entered to win any of these giveaways, all you have to do is leave a comment on the page that has the product you wish to enter to win.  There is no cost involved.

A few rules:

1:  Prizes are non-transferable.  If you win it and don’t want it, please let us know and we will draw another winner.

2:  We will email all winners the day they are selected.  Winners have 1 week to reply to our email or we will draw another winner.

3:  Using our contact form to claim a prize is not the same as responding to our prize notification email.

4:  These drawings are for our subscribers.  Out of state members may unsubscribe from the “Nevada Events” category through their dashboards. Changing the default subscription options for ANY other category will make you ineligible to win any of our giveaways.

5:  Some prizes may have age or NFA type regulations.  Winners must be legally able to receive the prizes or we will draw another name.  Products or services which our tailored to NV State residents may not all be available to those out of state.  These requirements will be determined on a case by case basis.

6:  Comments like “I’m in” “Enter” “I want”  “Good luck” “Sweet” “Nice” “Thank you” etc… will not count.  I put a lot of time and effort into bringing you these giveaways.  The least you can do is read the article and post somewhat of a thought out or original comment.

7:  Comments approved from moderation are not necessarily valid giveaway entries.

8:  Entry cut off time is 11:59am PST the day of the drawing.

9:  Unless otherwise specified on the individual giveaway post, winners are responsible for any and all costs associate with transferring any firearm prizes to their name.  Typical costs like this may include transfer fees & background check fees depending on your local laws and the FFL you choose for the transfer.

Check the Giveaways category to find what products and services are up for grabs.

* reserves the right to change the rules of any giveaway at any time.