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One Response to Dick’s Sporting Goods

  1. Joe Jekel September 10, 2014 at 6:21 am #

    As a larger retail sporting goods store the typical hard core shooter is not going to find rare items or specialty merchandise here. The benefits to such a large chain are the ability to get online merchandise shipped direct to the local store, they run really good sales on many items such as shotguns, rifles, ammo, hunting supplies, archery needs, and target practice items such as clay pigeons or paper targets. Every time I walk through a Dick’s I am sure to stroll through the gun section and just look, I have bought three guns from Dick’s over the years and all were on sale for under $500.00. I have never bought a handgun at Dick’s. Staff knowledge is a hit and miss problem as some of the staff are not as informed as others as to the issues that surround purchasing a gun.

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