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IMG 0108 280x186 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV

Matt Babb and Miles Gagnon

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Matt Babb has been working with firearms since he was 14 years old so it’s no surprise that he would open a gunsmith shop as part of his pursuit for the “American Dream.”  When you find a business owner who truly enjoys the work they do, you typically find them in high spirits.  Bentwood Gunsmithing is half gunsmith and half comedy club…Or at least that’s the impression I got after spending a few hours laughing hysterically with both Matt and Miles.  Clues to the underlying sense of humor are spread throughout the shop.

It’s not uncommon to find the employees, of most gun related businesses, open carrying on the job.  Matt, Miles, and the shop cat, which is affectionately named “SHI-THEED”, are packing heat on a daily basis.  SHI-THEED’s hair brush is specially outfitted with a tactical sight to ensure the most accurate brushings possible.

IMG 0076 280x186 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV


IMG 0077 280x186 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV

Tactical Hair Brush

Bentwood Gunsmithing is a full service shop that can handle any gun problem or request you can throw at them.  Whether you need a threaded barrel and new suppressor, a trigger job on your Springfield XD, or the pink AR-15 with 24k gold plated highlights that you’ve been dreaming about, they’ve got you covered.  Matt also teaches armorers & reloading classes.

IMG 0073 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NVIMG 0071 280x186 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV IMG 0072 280x186 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV

IMG 0079 280x186 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV

IMG 0107 280x186 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NVOnce your firearm has been built or repaired, you can test its functionality in their 100 yard indoor shooting range.  Don’t like the trigger pull?  No problem, the shop is right here and your trigger can be adjusted on the spot.  Better to find out now than when you’re out at the range and don’t have the necessary tools to make the adjustments.  Of course, not all guns are welcome at the indoor range so when Matt offered to let me shoot his M79, 40mm grenade launcher we had to take the party outside.

IMG 0102 150x100 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV IMG 0105 150x100 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV IMG 0106 150x100 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV

As far as customer service goes, apparently Matt is the best there is.  I haven’t seen an Employee of the Month record like his since Vince Downey set the Super Club record in 2006.

IMG 0112 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV

Matt Babb - Employee of the Month

In 2008, Bentwood Gunsmithing opened their current location on the same grounds as the Desert Hills Shooting Club located at 12801 U.S. 95 South in Boulder City, NV.  The location is obviously a very good fit for both businesses.

logo 278x300 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV IMG 0070 300x196 Bentwood Gunsmithing   Boulder City, NV


Unfortunately Google Maps is not locating the address correctly but this is the general area. If you move the marker an inch down the map then you are at the right place. Here are some better directions from DHSC’s website.

• From Las Vegas proceed South on U.S. 95/93 (I-515) for 25 miles
• Turn South on U.S. 95 (Searchlight exit, as if you were going to Laughlin)
• Travel South on U.S. 95 for 1/2 mi. Turn right on Silverline Rd, go 1/2 miles
• Turn left on Old Hwy. 2 (first left) look for the Desert Hills Sign
• Turn Right at the first drive look for the Desert Hills sign
• Follow road onto the property and past the large warehouse building
• Stay to the left of warehouse and take the drive up the hill
• The clubhouse is at the top of the hill

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JFComfort May 29, 2010 at 1:54 pm

I’m a big fan of Matt Babb. I first met him shortly after moving out here to Las Vegas. He did some pistol work for my Dad and we were blow away by how knowledgeable he is. I’ve always enjoyed hanging around his shop, if you pay attention their is loads and loads of knowledge to absorb.

I had Matt do some work for me not too long ago on a 700P .300 WM. He added a custom muzzle brake, Badger bolt handle and a few other odds and ends. I was extremely happy with the work and results! I tell all my friends to head to him if they need any work on their firearms he is only the only gunsmith in town I would let work on ANY of my precision bolt guns!

That 100 yard indoor range at his shop is bad ass too! Matt is a huge asset to the Las Vegas shooting community!!

Dom May 30, 2010 at 12:19 pm

I had a blast hanging out at his shop. Matt and Miles are too funny! If you’re lucky, they might even break out the strobe lights and dance for you! lol;)

Mills May 30, 2010 at 7:27 pm

Excellent camera angle work and a great article (All of them have been fun to read!). I am so there!

Bentwood May 30, 2010 at 7:54 pm

Thanks everyone for the kind words. It means alot.

Ready4Zombies June 28, 2010 at 11:41 am

Matt Babb is the Man!My brother and I have had Matt work on many of our Firearms for the past 2 years.Everything from my Barrett M99 to Tuning my 1911.I wont let anyone else touch my weapons other than Matt.He can Literally do anything you throw at him.I know when the project gets done it always exceeds my expectations.Matt is a Man with Honor and Integrity.The best Gunsmith I have yet to come across.Cordite is the Smell of Freedom!

300WidowMaker July 3, 2010 at 4:47 pm

Matt Babb is the Best GunSmith I have come across.Honest,Friendly and Reliable.I have had Several Projects done by Matt with high Praises!His 100 yard cave is a Bad Ass place to test out your firearms once completed by Him.I wish he lived closer to my Home,but the 45 minute drive to his establishment is well worth it.I have had Nightmare stories with other Gunsmiths in town.One went to Prison,Another offed Himself while doing a Project for me and CCS is the biggest P.O.S in the World!That Fat Bastard who runs that place needs to get his licence revoked!It amazes me that some buisnesses remain open when there service Sucks.Even the Guy at Bass Pro when he was there was a real Dirt bag.I have really had some very bad experiences.That is when my Brother and I went out to Matt shop a couple years ago.WOW!A man with some F#@Kin Integrity.I immediately felt welcome in his shop and without even knowing me he offered his 100yd Shooting range so I could zero my Rifle.My first impression of him was Honesty,Honesty,Honesty!That is what means more to me than anything.To many Gunsmiths out here B.S there way into a job and give you unrealiable info.Not Matt.He knows more about Firearms than all these Gunsmiths Clowns in town put together and than some!Every Project he does for me and my Twin Brother has been Unbelivable to say the least!Matt is Professional and Reliable.When you leave your weapon with him you will feel a sense of Bliss because you know when he gets the job done you will have gotten exactly what you wanted and more.If you want the job done Right Go to BentWood.Enough said.

Jonny - Behind- the - Deuce June 9, 2011 at 4:51 pm

I recently met Matt when we visited Las Vegas and I must say I was impressed with him and his crew. And I wanted to take a moment to give a special thanks to Matt / Bentwood Gun Smithing for organizing such a great time and providing us with the opportunity to shoot different weapons.
I never got around to seeing the new shop he works out of, but we can do that next time we are in town ;)
It truly was a great time, Matt and I will never forget it…….errr, except for that dog gone cold day!


lneufeld December 9, 2011 at 8:38 pm

I called Bentwood and asked how much it would cost to have a front site brazed onto my Mossberg 500 and he said it would cost $275 and take a month. Then I called CCS and they quoted $125 and a week. I know you get what you pay for but I know tons of people that have gone to CCS and their work is amazing just like Bentwood. Why is there such a price difference?

702 December 10, 2011 at 9:30 am

The only experience I have with CCS involved a fairly unfriendly person when I called them a few years back. I’ve never had them work on anything because the few people I do know who have had things done there were not very happy with the finished product. In fact, I’m sorry to say this but your post is the first time I’ve heard anything positive about them. The only complaints I’ve heard about Bentwood are about the long waiting periods to get stuff done. However, with their recently hired new gunsmith and their intern, I’m told they are catching up.

Why is the price higher? Not sure. Different shops, different overhead, different rates…

Boeydafunk May 10, 2012 at 1:55 pm

$275 for a front sight? Normally I would say forget it, but knowing that quote came from Matt I say pay it and wait. I havnt been in for a while but everytime i have has been great! Matt is super friendly and has done some pretty trick custom stuff for me. He custom built me a ghost ring set up for a mossberg that I used to have, with the full sight set on the barrel so that I could remove the barrel and bird hunt without the rear apature being in the way. A class act and a great shop. I wouldnt go any where else!

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