Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. (OOW) to Exhibit at Gunstock

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Semi-Automatic Firearms Manufacturer to Bring Their Unique Products to Gun Club of America (GCA)’s Fourth Annual Gathering

OOW logo 300x285 Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. (OOW) to Exhibit at GunstockNapa, CA (May 2012) - The Gun Club of America (GCA) today announced Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. (OOW) as an exhibitor at GunStock, to be held at the Stillwater Firearms Association (SFA) Shooting Range in Fallon, Nevada from June 15th through 17th, 2012. OOW will be bringing several of their own patented firearms to GunStock for attendees to shoot.

They include:

  • M2 .50 “Ma Deuce” (Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun designed at the end of WWI)
  • M240 Machine Gun
  • M240-SLR (OOW’s unique, re-engineered, belt-fed, semi-automatic version of the M240 machine gun)
  • 1918A3 – SLR (Patented, Semi- automatic version of the Browning Automatic Rifle)
  • VZ 2000 (Semi-Auto version of the Czech CZ 58 Tactical Rifle)

“I’m looking forward to this year’s Gunstock in Fallon, Nevada. It’s an honor to support such a worthwhile cause as The Pathway Home, and I can’t wait to meet, greet and throw lead down range with all the attendees and GCA members,” commented Bob Conroy, Ohio Ordnance Works. “You’re all invited to stop by the firing range and shoot OOW manufactured machine guns. We hope to see you there!”

OOW was founded in 1981 by Robert I. Landies. They manufacture firearms and ordnance for supply to different foreign and domestic government agencies. This capacity has expanded steadily over the years due to a wide base of weapon system knowledge, qualified personnel, state of the art machinery, new technology and a commitment to excellence in both products and service. Over the past 15 years, OOW has developed and patented its own line of semi-automatic firearms and related accessories. These firearms include the 1918A3-SLR, M240-SLR and the VZ 2000.

gunstock 300x400 Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. (OOW) to Exhibit at Gunstock“The annual GCA gathering brings together members and industry experts to exchange information, best practices, and just to have a good time,” remarked Gene Kelly, President of American Gunsmithing Institute and the Gun Club of America. “Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. has some fantastic semi-automatic firearms and accessories that our members will truly enjoy seeing and shooting!”

GunStock is a three day event where GCA members will attend numerous hands-on, “how-to” firearms training sessions, clinics and seminars. Proceeds from GunStock will go to support this year’s non-profit partner, The Pathway Home. The Pathway Home is a residential recovery program for veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars who deal with the challenges of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS).

For more information on how to become an exhibitor, please download the interactive PDF flyer or contact Lenee Landis at lenee@gunclubofamerica.com.

Not a GCA member yet? Call to join at 1-800-435-4262 or go to www.JoinGCA.com.

 Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. (OOW) to Exhibit at Gunstock Laura Burgess (13 Posts)

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