Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor

Samson Manufacturing Field SurvivorThe Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor is a light weight multi-tool for use with AR-15, M-16, M4, and AK47 type firearms. What sets this tool apart from all the others is it’s ability to fit inside the pistol grip of your weapon. This feature alone means that you will never forget to bring your basic tools along with you whether you are headed to the range or into a combat situation. If you need to fix a malfunction, having these tools on hand can save your life or keep you in the competition.

Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor

Samson Mfg. Field Survivor FS-002

Although there are four different versions, each one includes the same core tools.

  1. Broken Shell Extractor
  2. Wire Bore Brush
  3. Ampule for oil for one field lube
  4. Cable to pull the brush through the bore
  5. Cotter Pin Hook
  6. Regular Screw Driver
  7. Strike Plate
  8. Front Sight Adjustment Tool

The following table shows the details for each Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor model.  There are some differences so be sure and review each one to ensure you select the version that is right for you.


This is the original Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor tool which was designed to fit into the grip of AR-15/M-16’s. In addition to the tools listed above, the FS-001 also come with:

  1. Carbon Scraping Tool
  2. Gas Key Cleaning Tool
  3. Magazine Feed Lip Gauge
  4. 1 Spare Extractor Pin
  5. 2 Spare Firing Pin Retainer Clips


This version is designed to fit into Magpul’s MIAD and MOE Grips for your AR-15/M-16. In addition to the tools listed above, the FS-002 also come with:

  1. Carbon Scraping Tool
  2. Gas Key Cleaning Tool
  3. Magazine Feed Lip Gauge
  4. 1 Spare Firing Pin Retainer Clip


As you can probably guess by the name, this one is designed for us with AK-47’s. This Field Survivor requires an Extreme Hogue AK-47 pistol grip.


This one is similar to the FS-001 but the cotter pin hook doubles as a wrench for STAG and CMMG piston systems.

Quality wise these tools are built well and should last a long time.  However, I wouldn’t suggest using it as your primary set of tools but rather for emergency situations only.  The main reason for this is to make sure that you never forget to put the Field Survivor back together or accidentally forget a piece that you may need your next time out.

Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor

Samson Manfacturing FS-002 for Magpul MIAD and MOE Grips.

I’m using the Magpul version and to be perfectly honest, the fit in the MIAD grip doesn’t leave any room for error.  The bottom of the tool houses the cable that is used to pull the wire brush through the barrel and this area is then capped with the bottom plate cover which snaps into the MIAD/MOE grips to lock everything in place.  The cable likes to pop out when the tool isn’t secured and if you don’t make sure the cable is 100% tucked back in,  the bottom plate will not snap into the grip properly.  It’s very touchy like this so to avoid the problem, I added a piece of scotch tape to keep the cable in place.  The shell extractor can also contribute to the same closure problem so make sure it is lined up correctly before inserting the tool or you’re likely to end up with it stuck in your grip.

Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor

All in all I think this is a great tool and it beats loading your kit up with a bunch of items that add more weight and can easily get lost.

In the video, Cathleen Samson tells us about the features of the FS-001.

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  1. Casull May 17, 2012 at 1:10 am #

    This is one thing aside from the extra bolt and firing pin mechanism that I’m impressed with after reading the article. Things that go in your gun’s compartments should be reassuring in a realistic way… like, say, the zombie apocalypse all those companies are so into. I think this hits the spot. Thanks for the writeup!

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