Leupold HAMR and New Mark VI & VIII Scopes at 2012 Shot Show

About a month ago I discovered the Leupold HAMR sight with their attached DeltaPoint while visiting Wild West Guns.  This sight is a direct competitor for the well known Trijicon ACOG/RMR combo.  Personally, I like the concept of both sights and I can find features of each that I prefer over the other.  That being said, I’ve been to the range several times with people who find out that their RMR batteries are dead because they forgot to turn it off.  The DeltaPoint sight features a motion activate system with auto shut-off which will keep this from happening.  The housing that surrounds the DeltaPoint on the HAMR is also well designed and will better protect the sight from accidental damage.  I broke a similar sight last year so I understand the importance of this feature first hand.

Leupold also has a new Mark VI 1-6 power scope, Mark VI 3-19 power scope, and a Mark VIII 3.5-25 power scope.

Leupold HAMR Leupold Scopes

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