Stiller Precision Firearms, LLC – Viper Actions at 2011 SHOT Show

Jerry Stiller – Stiller’s Precision Firearms, LLC

As I’ve mentioned a few times in our 2011 SHOT Show coverage, last year we built a custom precision AR-15 rifle then raffled it off as a charity fund raiser. A number of people expressed an interest in us doing a similar project this year but featuring a precision bolt gun instead. We’ve been kicking the idea around and have spoken to several people who suggested that we get ahold of Jerry Stiller from Stiller’s Precision Firearms, LLC. SPF offers multiple actions types in several different calibers.

We stopped by the SPF booth and discussed the potential project with Jerry Stiller. Although this project is not set in stone, Mr. Stiller did express some interest in helping out with the cause. Perhaps we can get into the finer points of his custom actions in a future write up.

I’d like to thank Jerry for taking the time to speak with us off camera as well as on. A few people with hang overs dodged our cameras but Mr. Stiller charged on when feeling under the weather. That’s just good work ethic, if ya ask me.

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