Clark County Shooting Park

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001 300x200 Clark County Shooting Park

Welcome to Clark County Shooting Park

Grab your guns, ammo, and a couple of friends then head North on Decatur Boulevard. Keep going until you run out of road and you will find yourself at the entrance to the Clark County Shooting Park which recently opened it’s gates to the public after 24 years of planning and community efforts.

With a 2003 grant of 2,880 acres courtesy of the BLM, this ongoing project finally started to take shape. Fast forward three years and you will find U.S. Senator Harry Reid standing proudly as the keynote speaker at the facilities October 21st, 2006 groundbreaking ceremony. Sen. Reid’s efforts were, in no small part, responsible for securing the BLM land along with over $60 million in funding for the park.

“Nevadans aimed high when we set out to create the largest and most advanced shooting range in the world. But we kept a steady eye on our target. And today, with great pride, Nevada has hit the bulls-eye.” ~ Sen. Harry Reid

With a show of support from Gov. Jim Gibbons, Larry Keane (Senior V.P. of the National Sports Shooting Foundation), Chris Cox (Executive Director of the NRA), and Wayne LaPierre (CEO of the NRA), the Clark County Shoot Park officially opened it’s gates in late 2009.

After 24 years of planning and 60 million plus dollars, one would expect to find nothing short of the best of the best when it comes to a shooting and training recreational area. I’m happy to say that this is exactly what I discovered the first time I visited this park. Dubbed as a “World Class” facility, this park boasts a plethora of options which easily accommodate shooters of all kinds.


0023 Clark County Shooting Park

Park Administration Office

0034 150x100 Clark County Shooting Park

Covered R.V. Parking

0112 150x100 Clark County Shooting Park

Uncovered R.V. Parking

Upon entering the park one can immediately tell that this place was designed as not only a place for the locals but also as a destination for traveling firearms enthusiasts and their families. Staged behind the main park office are multiple rows of covered R.V. parking. Looking past that and deeper into the park there are additional R.V. spots rounding out a total of 80 full service R.V. sites.

023 150x100 Clark County Shooting Park024 150x100 Clark County Shooting ParkWant  more? Head on over to the 4,400 square foot Hunter Education Center. This building contains two offices for the use of the Nevada Department of Wildlife. The three 30 seat classrooms can be combined into one 90 seat room for volunteer recognition ceremonies and Hunter Education classes. Of course you will also find drinking fountains, vending machines, public restrooms, and a store where you can purchase targets and other shooting supplies. Future plans include selling ammunition and a gun rental counter.  All this and we haven’t even discussed the shooting options yet!

0151 300x200 Clark County Shooting ParkThe shooting options are broken down into three groups:

1: Shotgun Center
2: Rifle/Pistol Center
3: Archery Center




The Shotgun Center

I own one shotgun and it’s more geared for clearing a hallway than skeet or trap shooting. That being said, this impressive shotgun range is enough to make me want to run out and buy another shotgun so I can embrace a new hobby.

0042 300x200 Clark County Shooting Park
Shotgun center

The 5,443 square foot shotgun center is home to shotgun storage lockers, a cafeteria, reception area, and a pro shop along with the 24 trap and skeet fields, each of which have multiple angles and lanes which are marked out to 27 yards.

Shotgun fans will be happy to find three…..Yes, I said THREE trap throwers per field! There are the standard center set trap throwers and then a two-tier tower on the left which offer both high and low throws. Although they are currently working out a few bugs, each field also contains voice activated trap throwers. Besides the current Shotgun Center, there are plans to open an additional shotgun range at the training center.

005 150x100 Clark County Shooting Park 006 100x150 Clark County Shooting Park 007 150x100 Clark County Shooting Park
008 150x100 Clark County Shooting Park 010 100x150 Clark County Shooting Park 009 150x100 Clark County Shooting Park
012 150x100 Clark County Shooting Park 013 150x100 Clark County Shooting Park 014 150x100 Clark County Shooting Park

The Rifle/Pistol Center

You will check in at the 3,000 square foot building which is home to yet another 30 seat classroom, pro shop, restrooms, store, and reception area. After you have paid your fees and exited the building you will find many different options depending on what your brought to shoot. The current options include:

30 positions up to 50 yards.

15 positions up to 100 yards.

15 positions up to 200 yards.

018 300x200 Clark County Shooting ParkThese spots also include shade ramadas, night lights, and concrete shooting tables. You and your gear will be kept safe from both the overhead coverings and the Line Officers who control the entire range.

Future plans include additional ranges going out to 1,200 yards!

0172 300x200 Clark County Shooting Park 0221 300x200 Clark County Shooting Park

The Archery Center

Covered firing points, known distance archery range, shade ramadas, restrooms, and yet another classroom.

Unfortunately, all these great things come with more than the stiff price tag. A handful of anti-gun homeowners have filed suit against the park. Please review the following documents which will tell you how you may be able to help.

019 Clark County Shooting Park

Public Comment

0201 Clark County Shooting Park

Please Help

You should also swing by the NRA’s website and join up. Even if you aren’t ready to buy a membership, you can pick up an NRA Freedom Associate membership for free!

All in all, this is the best public shooting facility I have ever seen. I look forward to many years of enjoyment to come.

021 Clark County Shooting Park

Volunteers Needed

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rickihenry January 31, 2012 at 1:37 pm

WOMEN OF HIGH CALIBER. Clark County Shooting Park is also home to the women’s shooting group Women of High Caliber. We meed last Thursday of the month, 6:00-8:00pm. The first hour is a pesentation or event at the shotgun center and the last hour we’re out shooting on the rifle and pistol range.

Some of the events we’ve had are: Gun locks and safes; NV laws around using guns for self-defense; Self-defense against a knife or gun attack; Concealed weapon purse party; and others.

We have four SIGs (Special Interest Groups). Beginners – even if you’ve never shot, we’ll show you how; Non-competition hand guns; Competition hand guns; and Rifles.

Every other month we’ll shoot a specialty target just to have a little fun. For example a turkey shoot at Thanksgiving (turkey Silhouettes); a bingo shoot (shoot at numbers on a bingo card target to get a bingo), poker night (shoot at cards on a target to get poker hands) and bowling night (shoot at bowling pins on a target)

For more information contact Ricki Henry at

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