Building Machine Guns Vegas Part 3

This is the 3rd and final chapter of our Machine Guns Vegas construction coverage.  If you have not read the first two parts, you should probably start here instead.

Building Machine Guns Vegas Part 3Since our last coverage of MGV, the work crews have busted some tail getting most of the finishing touches done.  The final steel baffles have been hung and the HVAC was connected to the bullet traps to suck as many of the lead particles out of the air as possible.  The target retrieval systems seem to be the same in both the public and VIP ranges.  However, as seen in the photos, the cables in the 2 VIP lanes are better protected by some metal tracks that the wires feed through.

Machine Guns Vegas Public Range

There’s plenty of room to get around behind the 8 public lanes so your friends and family can watch without crowding the area.  Speaking of people watching, I’ve heard a number of shooters express dislike for the ranges that have glass behind them.  Some people say they feel like they are in a fishbowl with strangers watching them.  That’s not the case at MGV.  In fact, the space where one might expect to find a window is filled with a gun cage which allow shooters to try other guns or switch out targets on the fly without the need to go back out to the front counter.

The primary retail area has been built with a modern industrial type feel to it.  The wide open floor plan allows patrons to wander around, sit and visit at one of the many tables, chill out with a hostess and review the shooting package options, get into some fun pics with MGV’s green screen setup, or shop for t-shirts etc…  The idea here is to give the customers additional things to do while waiting for their turn to shoot.  No standing around in lines either.  Once you decide on what you want to shoot, you are given a pager and turned loose until you get beeped.  Once the pager goes off you can pick up your targets, ammo, eye & ear protection, and meet with your range officer who will escort you into the range and give you a safety briefing.

VIP guests can enjoy a comfortably sized room with leather seating, beverages, a large TV, and private restroom.  A custom display case has been built and filled with some pretty cool higher end firearms and accessories like Louis Vuitton conceal carry purses and some blinged out guns.  The rifles you see on the walls are magnetically mounted to steel panels which make for a pretty neat display.  Before somebody gets overly concerned, the firearms on the wall are life like airsoft rifles and not functioning machine guns.

Machine Guns Vegas had their soft opening about a month ago.  So far, things are going well and the staff of 50+ is keeping busy.

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