Setpoint Ammunition Berger Bullets Agreement

Setpoint Ammunition continues to grow rifle projectile offerings in the only web-based ammunition configuration and ordering system in the shooting sports market. Customers using the Setpoint Ammunition online ordering system now have three new Berger Bullet rifle projectile choices.

OGDEN, Utah, Oct. 20, 2011
Setpoint Ammunition, a subsidiary of Setpoint Systems Inc., today announced the completion of an OEM distribution agreement with Berger Bullets of Fullerton, CA. Berger Bullets is a well-known world-leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance ballistic projectiles for hunting, sporting and tactical shooting applications. The agreement allows Setpoint Ammunition to offer a selection of Berger’s precision bullets for use in their custom cartridges sold on their website.

Setpoint Ammunition will initially offer three Berger Bullets projectiles for use in their 7.62MM/308 WIN cartridges:

  • 155 grain Match Hybrid
  • 185 grain Long Range BT
  • 168 grain Match Hunting VLD

Combined with the projectiles already offered by Setpoint, this brings their selection total to nine for their 7.62MM/308 WIN cartridges.

For more information on Setpoint  Ammo or any of its products, please contact Laura Burgess Marketing.

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