KelTec at 2011 SHOT Show

Toby Obermeit – KelTec

I’ve never really paid much attention to KelTec. Not because I thought anything bad about them but because I just didn’t know anything about them at all. What I do know is that I have been hearing the name a lot more over the last year so when I heard they had an interesting new shotgun coming out, I decided to look into it…And I’m glad I did.

KelTec’s Toby Obermeit runs us through the features and specs of their new 12ga KSG Shotgun which is a bullpup design in a legal 26.1″ overall length making it a non NFA item. This bad boy has dual 7 round tube mags which can loaded with different shells and then manually selected for which load you want to fire. If they could make the magazine automatically switch to the next tube when the first is empty, that would really push this new product over the top. Either way, I’ll be picking one up as soon as they start shipping.

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