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With less than 3 days left until our upcoming BCM AR-15 / Larry Vickers giveaway, I’ve found myself with an unspoken for spot in the Vickers class.  This spot was going to be used for a different promotion but that project hasn’t come together in time and there’s no sense letting the open spot go to waste.

The short of it is that if you refer a friend to enter the giveaway and you OR your friend win the grand prize, the other person will win a shooting spot right next to them!  As they say, “The devil is in the details” so let’s go over those right now.

  • Your friend must include your screen name along with their valid entry comment.
  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • If the winning commenter was not referred, we will check to see if they referred anybody and give that person the class spot.
    a: In the event that the winner referred multiple people, we will randomly select one of them for the additional spot.
  • If the winner was not referred or has not referred another, the additional class spot will go to another randomly selected winner.
  • The additional class winner is responsible for any & all expenses incurred to attend the class.  This includes but is not limited to transportation, required firearms, and ammo.

Already referred a friend?  No worries, just have them post another VALID entry comment and include your screen name in it.

I’m going to skip posting this on any forums and allow you guys to do that to increase your odds of winning.  I know we have gained a ton of entries from various gun related forums and Facebook pages so please take the following link and repost it on the places you frequent.

One more thing on this giveaway…Aimpoint has offered to sponsor with the addition of a Micro T-1 red dot sight for this rifle.   The addition of this optic will bring the retail value of this package to over $4,000.00!


I’d also like to inform you of yet another opportunity to get in on this class for free.  Our friends over at GlockVector Industries are also giving away a class spot AND they are supplying one of their custom carbines & a PV17 for use during this class.  On top of that, they will provide all ammo necessary for the class.  This giveaway in completely separate from the one on so please be sure and visit the GlockVector Industries page to enter.

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