Ankert Customs – Gun Grip Tape – Mesa AZ – Customer Service Fail

I ordered some Glock grip tape from this company for personal use and product review.  Somehow, the company received the wrong shipping address and the package was returned to them.  They contacted me and offered to update the address and charge me another $5.00 to re-ship.  While this doesn’t seem like it’s out of line, the address issue wasn’t my fault.  I’ve never had the address they shipped to and have no idea why they received that as the shipping address from PayPal.  This mistake was not my error  and I shouldn’t have to pay for it….Even as little as $5.

The company had an opportunity  to rise above with their customer service and comp the additional charge.  I politely wrote them and let them know of my intentions for personal use, review use, and potential business use of their grips.  Again their customer service failed when they returned my email claiming I had “threatened” them and “boasted” of “who I am.”

I just don’t get how any company can be so short sighted as to lose a customer, risk a poor customer service review, lose positive exposure to hundreds of thousands of gun owners, and lose a long term business relationship all over 5 bucks.

Don’t order anything from these people.

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