Gemtech at 2011 SHOT Show

Kel Whelan – Gemtech

Gemtech is a leading manufacturer of sound suppressors for both the military as well as civilian markets. Their Outback II product has been a well known top selling .22 suppressor for years. As we visited with Kel Whelan, we learned that Cemtech is now offering the Outback IID which is the exact same product but allows the end user to disassemble and clean the suppressor on their own. There are no known issues with the previous design, the ability to disassemble the can came after multiple customer requests.

Keep in mind that if you want to clean this or any suppressor on your own, you may want to invest in the proper tools for such a task. Putting a towel down on the dining room table my keep you from upsetting the wife but it isn’t going to do a lot to protect you from the lead and other debris that collect throughout the baffles .

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