Samson Manufacturing at 2011 SHOT Show

There is no shortage of products coming out of Samson Manufacturing. They make a number of accessories for today’s most popular tactical rifles as well as some hand tools for Sig and Smith & Wesson pistols. The one product that I’ve had my eye on is their AR-15 Field Survivor. This handy tool fits in the pistol grip of your AR based rifle and includes a carbon scraper, cleaning brush, lubricant, broken shell extractor, and a couple other handy items.

In the video, Cathleen Samson shows us the FS-001 and discusses the features in a bit more depth. Cathleen also provided me with their FS-002 which is designed to work hand in hand with Magpul’s M.I.A.D. pistol grip. They also offer the FS-003 for Hogue AK grips and the FS-004 for use with STAG and CMMG piston systems. Look for a detailed write up on the FS-002 here.

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