A NEW Sticky Solution for Slick Gun Grips

Tan Boa Tuff 1 Grip on Rhino Revolver

MKS Distributing, Dayton OH, August, 2011- Tuff 1 Grip Covers are a highly-elastic robust rubberized material imprinted with a variety of clever patterns and colors that provide incredible hand grip traction (purchase) to any handgun. Tuff 1 Grip Covers easily fit all revolvers, semi-autos, molded grips, and even AR, AK, and combat shotgun pistol and accessory grips.

Tuff 1 Grip Covers from mkstuff1.com come in a one size fits all, making choice simple. Tuff 1 Grip Covers are a proprietary formulated rubberized material that has incredible stretch (up to 200 percent) and shape retention and will not alter the shape of the firearm’s grips.  They are also gun cleaning solvent proof and as an additional side benefit, they help reduce felt recoil.  Great for favored older guns and of course for any firearm slick grip surface you want to improve on.

Installation and removal is simple. Basically, roll them up like a pair of sox place on firearm grip and roll the grip cover out.  Removal is just as simple; reverse the installation procedure.

Surface patterns: Boa Snake scale, double cross (series of raised lines in opposing directions), skull and cross bone pattern appropriately named “death grip.”

Colors: Black, Olive Drab, Desert Tan, Hot Pink


Double Cross


It’s a familiar problem you have probably encountered; many handgun grips (also correctly referred to as stocks) do not offer the traction or purchase the shooter desires or needs. Decisions get tougher if the gun is a favored older firearm with valuable grips the shooter does not want to remove or may want to further protect. Another problem might be the gun owner’s grips (custom or otherwise) fit/fill the hand perfectly but are simply not sticky enough. The low-profile Tuff 1 Grip Covers solve these and other firearm “grip” problems.

As stated earlier, Tuff 1 Grip Covers are a proprietary formulated rubberized thin non-shape altering material that stretches up to 200 % to perfectly form fit the original firearm grip. Tuff 1 Grip Covers offer a sticky high-traction feel beyond checkering or even stippling. Tuff 1 Grip Covers are excellent for molded on handgun grips too.

Warranty: Tuff 1 Grip Covers have a limited lifetime warranty.

Retail dealer Price $14.95 (very reasonable price compared to replacement grips).

Proudly made in the U.S.A

For more consumer/dealer information please contact:

MKS Supply, Inc.
(937) 454-0363

The exclusive marketer for Tuff 1 Grip Covers

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