Rifle Dynamics 7.62x54R PSL “Guerrilla Sniper Rifle”

I had the pleasure of getting to shoot Rifle Dynamics 7.62x54R PSL Guerrilla Sniper Rifle.  The weapon is a 7.62x54R PSL worked over by Rife Dynamics Jim and his team to exploit the advantages of this light weight, semi-auto rifle. This rifle fulfills the demands of Gabe Suarez”s “The Guerrilla Sniper”.

My first impression of the weapon, as always with Jim’s products, is the high level of quality.  The fit and finish are excellent, the rifle feels like a solid piece of equipment in your hands.  I’m not very familiar with Soviet based weapons and the ones I’ve handled always felt cheap.  The products coming from Rifle Dynamics have totally changed my perception of the quality and accuracy potential of the AK based weapon systems.  When Jim handed me the rifle, it immediately struck me how balanced and light it was.  I could tell that off hand shots, improvised shooting positions, and maneuvering with the rifle would be easier to do just from the weight savings and balance alone!

I was given a mix of ammunition to try which consisted of; Bulgarian AP, Bulgarian FMJ, 7N1, Czech silver tip and Lellier & Bellot FMJ. Honestly, the rifle shot well with all the ammo types but the stand out was the 7N1.  I have to also note that the Bulgarian FMJ surprised me and held a tight 10 round group on a IPSC target at 200 meters.

Rifle Dynamics 7.62x54R PSL Guerrilla Sniper Rifle

Rifle Dynamics 7.62x54R PSL Guerrilla Sniper Rifle

You have to remember that when I was shooting this rifle, I was using my range bag as a front rest with my off hand working as the rear rest.  The sights were pretty lined up when I got it so I didn’t adjust the sights, I just compensated by holding over.  The rifle was shooting high and left so what I did was use a 6 O’clock hold and put the left corner of the front sight post of the bottom right corner of the target.  I was able to easily take out a IPSC target out, with both the 7N1 and Bulgarian FMJ.  The trigger reminded me of a AR two stage trigger type with take up at the start of the pull and a clean light brake.  Jim later filled me in that the trigger can be “tuned” to the users preferences and can be adjusted to brake cleanly.  I think anyone seriously using a PSL for long range work should consider this upgrade to their rifle.

Recoil was not an issue with this gun and the brake made it very easy to keep on target even with its lack of weight.  The stock used on the rifle was an improvement over what normally comes on a PSL.  It has a very natural grip angle and comes with a cheek piece that you can move out of the way to use the iron sights.  When using an optic the piece rotates into place giving you a solid cheek weld and consistent eye relief every time!

All in all I was very impressed with the total package.  The gun was comfortable to carry and shoot.  I believe Rifle Dynamics was able to create a better and more accurate PSL rifle.  While shooting it Saturday I stretched it out to 500 meters.  I put the rear sight on the #5 mark and used the same hold over I was using for 200 meters. I was able to hit 7 out of 10 rounds using 7N1. I have no doubt that with a good optic and ammo this rifle is cabable of consistent hits of a man sized target out to 800 meters, maybe more in talented hands!


Thanks for letting me take the rifle for a spin Jim!

My range notes:
Rifle Dynamics 7.62x54R PSL Guerrilla Sniper Rifle
Rifle Dynamics 7.62x54R PSL Guerrilla Sniper Rifle
Rifle Dynamics 7.62x54R PSL Guerrilla Sniper Rifle
Rifle Dynamics 7.62x54R PSL Guerrilla Sniper Rifle

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  1. lobster February 27, 2012 at 2:58 am #

    Thanks for the review, wish you would of mentioned the price for this

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