Glock Vector Industries at 2012 Shot Show

OK so you’ve got a Glock and you’ve seen everything they have to offer along with every possible way to customize them.  Are you sure about that?  Standard grip reductions and painting them pink is one thing but what about the people who want a high performance Glock that is substantially different than anything else out there?  If you’re in the market for an elite custom firearm, you need to know about Glock Vector Industries.

I hate to say it but I got so wrapped up in talking with these guys that I flat out forgot to take any photos of their kick ass products.  What I can tell you is that all of the internal parts have been replaced with Glockworx products which means you are getting the absolute best trigger system and parts available for Glock pistols.  But it doesn’t stop there.  GVI has designed multiple custom options for several different applications.  They have different grip textures for carry and competition pistols, upgraded barrels, and some cool looking as well as functional machining to their slides.  All in all, they offer the highest quality and best equipped Glock pistols I have ever seen.

We will be following up with more info, pics, and videos from the GVI crew in the near future.

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