Setpoint Ammunition Teams Up with Laura Burgess Marketing

OGDEN, UT (September 2011)Setpoint Ammunition, the first-ever, mass-produced customized ammunition manufacturer, has contracted Laura Burgess Marketing to employ public relations and social media services to create awareness and build the brand in the civilian and law enforcement shooting sports markets. Setpoint Ammunition provides customers with custom ammunition ordered over the Setpoint website that is light years beyond the limited offerings of premium factory produced ammo. Setpoint provides custom loading in any quantity, any configuration, on multiple performance-specific projectiles, with infinite variables in bullet seating depth, all with ultra-precision weight-measured powder charges.

“Setpoint Ammunition is truly providing customers with a revolutionary concept and product in custom ammunition loading,” Laura Burgess, President of LBM said. “The word ‘innovative’ is often used in our industry, but nowhere is it more valid than with Setpoint’s business model and mission. We are extremely excited to represent the new paradigm in custom ammunition.”

Setpoint Ammunition is able to provide its customers this unique and unparalleled product and service because of their unusual history. Setpoint Systems, Inc., who recently launched Setpoint Ammunition, has been in the business of providing industrial automation solutions since 1992, specializing in design, build and controls programming of custom automation solutions.  Because Setpoint Systems’ customers were from zero-tolerance industries such as automotive, aerospace and medical suppliers, Setpoint had the experience in designing and building some of the world’s most sophisticated automation equipment. This edge gave Setpoint the advantage of becoming a leading expert in the design and development of ammunition manufacturing equipment. In 2010, Setpoint turned this unique expertise to custom ammunition manufacturing. Now custom loading can be at any customer’s fingertips through Setpoint Ammunition’s website for quantities as small as one box.

The process allows the customer to first pick a bullet based upon the weight, length, shape and unique performance characteristic. Next, choose a casing and then a primer followed by a powder choice. Step five allows the customer to select the powder weight and the final step allows the customer to determine the final length. Add the recipe name and the box quantity to the shopping cart and the order is processed in two to three days. All orders are shipped UPS Ground delivery. Setpoint Ammunition is currently offering .308 rifle ammunition with offerings to expand in the near future.

About Setpoint Ammunition:

Setpoint Ammunition, launched by Setpoint Systems, Inc., located in Ogden, Utah, is the first mass-produced, precision custom ammunition manufacturer. Using state-of-the-art automation manufacturing and a customer-friendly “build your ammo” program, Setpoint Ammunition is capable of providing customers with unique loads for specific uses in any quantity. For more information on Setpoint Ammunition, visit

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