Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger & G23 Overhaul

Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger & G23 Overhaul

I was first introduced to the Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger by Matt Babb of Bentwood Gunsmithing.  Matt had installed this trigger for a customer and he was just raving about it.  Although I own a few Glocks, I was able to shoot them just fine and had never even considered upgrading the triggers.  That being said, one can easily tell the difference between a stock Glock trigger and this beautiful work of art by Zev Tech.  Although I hadn’t shot it yet, I was instantly interested in the product and went home to do a little research.  I quickly located the Glockworx website only to discover that the trigger was just the beginning of a complete line of high quality aftermarket Glock upgrades.

To make a long story short, my Gen 4  G23 is now outfitted with pretty much everything that Glockworx has to offer.

  • ZEV Tech Fulcrum Ultimate Kit
  • Zev Tech Titanium Extended Slide Lock Lever and Ti Slide Lock Spring
  • ZEV Tech Stainless Steel Guiderod
  • ISMI Compact Recoil Spring – 15 lbs
  • ZEV Tech 4th Gen Glock Guide Rod Reducing Ring
  • ZEV Tech Titanium Pin Kit 4th Gen

Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger & G23 Overhaul

Utilizing these parts has made a tremendous difference in how my pistol functions.  For starters, the complete trigger pull from pre travel to over travel is now just over 3/16 of an inch and the trigger reset is about 2/16.  These settings are adjustable to your liking, but we will get to more on that in a minute.

The ZEV Tech Fulcrum Ultimate Kit includes their top of the line trigger, V4 Race Connector, ZT Skeletonized Striker, ZT Standard & Reduced Power Striker Spring, ZT Trigger Spring, ZT Titanium Firing Pin Safety, ZT Firing Pin Safety Spring, & Ejector housing.  The trigger itself is milled on a CNC from solid billet aluminum.  It’s wider than the stock Glock trigger but uses the same type of safety mechanism.  There is a slight learning curve to the settings so it took me about 45 minutes to dial everything in to how I wanted it.  The adjustment screws that control pre travel and over travel are not accessible while the gun is together.  This means that you have to remove the trigger, tweak the settings, put the entire gun back together, check the trigger pull, then rinse and repeat until you achieve what you are looking for.  If you over adjust either of these screws, you may encounter some problems that require you to remove the slide cover in order to disassemble your pistol.  The trigger pull weight is adjustable from 2 to 6 pounds.  To get to my current 2lb 6oz trigger pull, I used the reduced power striking spring.

ZEV Technologies Glockworx Fulcrum Trigger Over Travel Adjustment ZEV Technologies Glockworx Fulcrum Trigger Pre Travel Adjustment

The only piece to this puzzle that I’m not happy with is the Titanium Extended Slide Lock Lever & Ti Slide Lock Spring.  The spring wouldn’t even fit in my gun so it never got installed.  Although I had no problems adding the slide lock, I found that when carrying concealed, the left side cuts into the horse hide of my Crossbreed holster.  When I open carry, the right side hangs up on my Serpa holster which is something that could cost you your life if/when the SHTF.  Because of these two issues, I’ve removed this upgrade.  If I wasn’t holstering this weapon, I would have left the part in place.

The Stainless Steel Guiderod & Compact recoil spring combination takes a lot of the bite out of the .40 G23.  One of my friends, who hated my gun before, now thinks it’s easier to handle than his 9mm G19.  It’s now easier to rack the slide, has better recoil control, and of course allows for faster follow up shots.  If you have a Gen 4 pistol, you will also need the 4th Gen Glock Guide Rod Reducing Ring.

Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger & G23 Overhaul Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger & G23 Overhaul Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger & G23 Overhaul

I was surprised to find that the new components weighed a little more than the factory ones.   The stock parts I removed weigh in at 1.89oz while the new parts, currently installed, weigh 2.16oz.

Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger & G23 Overhaul Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger & G23 Overhaul Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger & G23 Overhaul

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting the entire current line of Glock Vector Industries pistols which use Zev Tech internal parts exclusively.  They all function beautifully and each one of them clearly shot better than stock Glock versions of the same gun.

The total of all these fancy upgrades will run you $337.00 + S&H.  Are they worth it?  Well, I’ve seen a decent improvement of my shot groups, it’s easier to handle, and I can shoot faster.  The down side is I’m now spending more money on .40 ammo so I’m going to have to invest in a G19 and all the Glockworx goodies to go along with it. ;)

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Acknowledgements: Product photos courtesy of ZEV Technologies

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3 Responses to Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger & G23 Overhaul

  1. benbunker March 5, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    I’ve been thinking about picking up some Glockworx parts for my G21 SF. Thanks to 702 Shooter, my wallet is now several hundred dollars lighter after reading this. I’m taking a two-day pistol class this weekend from LMS Defense, so I’ll run it through the wringer. And a nod to GlockVector Industries. I got to play with one of their creations the other day and it was a thing of beauty!

  2. DavidB March 5, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    The Glock 23 is a great carry gun – easy to conceal, carries plenty of rounds, can use Glock 22 mags (15 rounds instead of 13), lightweight, slim. And you can pick up police trade-in guns for under $400 that still have working night sights.

  3. teRRy March 6, 2012 at 7:27 am #

    I shot the G23 both pre and post goodie install. When I first shot the pistol, I didn’t want to finish emptying the magazine. After the goodies, it was smooth as butter. I was impressed, not something that happens often.

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