Mossberg Flex Shotgun at 2012 Shot Show

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MossbergPeterBoruchowski 300x168 Mossberg Flex Shotgun at 2012 Shot ShowI’m always visiting different gun shops in the Vegas area and from time to time I even step behind the counter and sell a gun or two.  These days I see a lot of people who bought a 26″ barrel shotgun for hunting, trap, skeet, etc…and now they are looking for another shotgun for home defense.   Sure, you can buy another barrel, foregrip, and stock but then you have to figure out how to install it all yourself.  For some people this is pretty straight forward but not everybody wants to play part time gunsmith.  Others choose to take it to a gunsmith and let them do the work but then what if you want to change it back?  Apparently the folks at Mossberg recognized these issues as well because this year they came up with a great solution.

The Mossberg Flex System is an adaptive tool-less platform for the 500 & 590 series shotguns.  It allows you to quickly and easily switch any of the above mentioned components without the need to break out a screwdriver, let alone pay a professional gunsmith.  You can literally go from practical to tactical and back again in less than a minute.  This is a modular system so you can add different stock, barrels and such at any time without the need to buy it all at once.

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telomere February 20, 2012 at 7:16 pm

Seems like a good idea. Going to wait to see some reviews about how the system hods up after some hard use.

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