Olympic Arms, Inc. at 2011 SHOT Show

Brian Schuetz – Olympic Arms, Inc.

We stopped by the Olympic Arms booth to get a first hand look at their 30 round AR-15 9mm mags which have a more standard look and feel than any of the other 9mm mag options for the AR platform. Unfortunately the box with those magazines didn’t make it to the show. However, as we stood there talking with Brian Schuetz, I noticed the rifle on the counter in front of him so we quickly shifted our interest to Brian’s new Ultimate Magnum AR lower.

The standard AR lower will work with 300 Olympic, 25 wssm, or 243wssm cartridges but limits the bullet size to 150gr. This new lower allows the use of the longer 168gr bullets giving more options to the shooter. Of course with a different size lower comes special magazines which Olympic Arms also has available.

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