Technoframes Gun & Ammo Display & Security Cases at 2012 Shot Show

Technoframes Mauro VedovelloI was introduced to Mauro Vedovello of Technoframes by the guys over at Glock Vector Industries who have chosen Technoframes products to display their custom pistols.  These products are not only cool looking but also very functional.  Most people I know choose to keep their guns out of sight and out of mind.  However, there is a definite market for those who have special commemorative pistols or custom builds that they prefer to show off a bit.  These new cases are made of ballistic acrylic and are extremely solid in construction.  Prices range from $250 for the Blaze to $2,500 for the Gun Box model.

The Blaze features a top side carry handle and room for one pistol and one magazine.  Your gun is held in place with a dummy magazine which can be tilted to hold the gun upright when the case is open.  Doing this is a great way to display the firearm.  The dummy magazine has a magnetic base which makes it easy to transfer the gun over to their Arsenal display tray.  The Arsenal hold 5 handguns upright standing on the grip.  The magnets hold the guns in place and they are sturdy enough to allow you to move the tray around without the guns tipping over and falling out.

As for the Gun Box, this thing is slick.  It’s a 2 layer locking display box.  You have the choice of what to put in each layer.  You can fit 2 full size handguns in 1 layer and their corresponding magazines in the other layer.  Or, you can put 2 guns in each layer and display for firearms at once.  The hydraulics on the Gun Box open the lid and keep it help open for display purposes.

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