Veriforce Tactical

Veriforce Tactical

J.D. Lime from Veriforce tactical

J.D. Lime, from Veriforce Tactical, is another one of the friendly faces that you consistently see at the Crossroads of the West gun shows.  Although his selection is not huge, I’ve been known to pick some things up from him several times simply because he had what I was looking for and it was easy to find without sorting through mountains of accessories that I have no interest in.

Veriforce Tactical is an Arizona based company whose primary focus is on parts & accessories for the AR and the AK platforms.  If you want it and can’t find it, J.D. is more than happy to special order it for you and even offers that ability on the company’s website.

I’ve been to a lot of gun shows over the years and I’ve run into a large number people who think they are better than the rest of us.  In contrast,  J.D.’s attitude is awesome.  He always seems to be in a good mood and is more than happy to answer your questions without making you feel like you are pestering him.  He’s a genuinely friendly guy so be sure to stop by his booth and say hello the next time the Crossroads show rolls into your town. And pick up a few parts from him while you’re there too.  ;)

Veriforce Tactical Veriforce Tactical Veriforce Tactical

*I would like to give special thanks to Crossroads of the West for allowing us to photograph and video some of their exhibitors’ displays. Not all of the exhibitors have retail locations so we would be very limited in what we can show you without the ability to bring in our cameras. Typically, gun shows do not allow cameras inside.

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  1. greg torchia December 20, 2014 at 5:41 pm #

    JD you’re the best man he pushes orders out we really appreciate it

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